Friday, September 19, 2008

I Married a Strange Person?

Grant:   you ever see I Married a Strange Person?
                 bill plympton animation
                 interesting visuals, purposefully crude, very funny


it's about a man who gets zapped with satellite radiation and then his imagination                            becomes physical reality


I Married a Strange Person! is a musical, animated feature film by Bill Plympton. When Grant Boyer's satellite TV dish is hit by two birds in mid-coitus, just days before his own wedding, he gains a special secret power. His imagination is no longer something that just goes on in his head - whatever he imagines actually happens in real life. Sexual fantasies, daydreams, flashes of random weirdness, they all come true, brought into being by a strange nodule at the back of his neck, the base of his brain.

At first Grant's problems are domestic: his wife Keri is upset by the change that has come over him. During sex he fantasises about her as a nun, turns her breasts into balloon animals and imagines he's making love to three of her simultaneously, so she goes to live with her parents.

After an ill-fated television appearance, SmileCorp, the fourth-biggest US television network plots to steal Grant's nodule for their own benefit. Chaos and musical numbers abound when Keri returns to help save the day.

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