Monday, June 30, 2008

Sherlock Jr.

Sherlock Jr. (1924)

Buster Keaton at his best!!!

The night shift film projectionist in a movie theater dreams of becoming the next Sherlock Holmes.

This short film with no color and no sound is so unbelievably entertaining it outshines every high tec CG movie in the world!! Reel Stupefaction! Every moment the film is running you will be enthralled, amazed or laughing out loud! The story is clever and the acting is magic!

In this film Buster Keaton dishes out his greatest stunts. Stunt after stunt after stunt! Stunts that are so dangerous any one of them could have taken his life!! I tell you, the making of this film can be a film in and of its self.

The greatest comedian’s greatest movie!!

TIME magazine comments on Sherlock Jr.

"American surrealism? Sure. But let's not get fancy about it. It is more significantly, a great example of American minimalism—simple objects and movement manipulated in casually complex ways to generate a steadily rising gale of laughter. The whole thing is only 45 minutes long, not a second of which is wasted. In an age when most comedies are all windup and no punch, this is the most treasurable of virtues."—R.S.

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